January 2014


January 2014

Dear BWA members,

Happy New Year and many good wishes in 2014! The beginning of the year is always an opportunity to start anew; it’s a new chapter in the book of life that we get to fill. We choose our stories, the characters and the plot of the book, then set out to grab it with gusto. We also get thrown some unexpected circumstances that create twists that were not part of our selected script. All in all, it is a time to hope and work towards prosperity, setting goals, and embracing new opportunities.

Goals are vital to what we do as professional women – it’s important to know where we’re going so we can celebrate when we achieve it. I also feel that when we set goals, we’re adding deadlines to our dreams.

For 2014, I’m setting several personal and professional goals to ensure I’m successful and healthy in the coming months. Personally, I want to do a better job of staying in touch with all my friends and will be adding some workouts to my week so that my clothes continue to fit at the end of the year and I receive the added health benefits of a life with exercise. Staying in touch is vital for our personal wellbeing and at the same time so intertwined with the essential “networking” that we need in our professional life.

Professionally, I’m excited to continue building on the successes BWA experienced in 2013 to ensure a smooth transition when Merrie Meyers takes over as President in June, and to continue growing my law practice while also serving my community.

I want us to continue to share the benefits of our organization with more professional women by increasing our membership and attendance in the meetings and the social networking opportunities our organization offers.

What are your goals for 2014? Stand up and tell us how you’re going to make history this year when you introduce yourself at our meeting on Monday. Dream big, network bigger and achieve amazing feats in 2014!

Best to all,

Catalina M. Avalos

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Meeting Information/Speaker

BWA wants to help you start your year off "in Balance." Cindy Goodman, noted Workplace Columnist, will provide news and advice on how to balance work and life. 

Her topic will be “The Challenge of Managing Millennials”.   In most workplaces, managing millennials falls mostly to Gen Xers, (ages 33 to 50) many of whom also oversee older workers.  The challenge seems to be in setting criteria for promotions and raises to keep the entire team engaged.  While older workers want to be evaluated on goals and numbers, the younger workers want to be recognized for their ability to solve problems.  The trick is to keep everyone in the team engaged and to be flexible. 

As an added benefit to our BWA members, we will have a professional photographer available to take “head shots” prior to the meeting.   The photographer will be available BEFORE the meeting, from 11:30 until noon.

February's scheduled speaker is Christine Pallesen of Dale Carnegie. Stay tuned for information about Christine's topic.

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Important Registration Details

Your registration is very important to provide an accurate count. 

If you attend without registering OR you register and do not attend, you will be charged a fee.

If you must cancel after Friday, January 10th or, if you have questions about registration you must contact Debbi Hartman at Browardwomensalliance@gmail.com or 954-483-3060.

Members, please remember that registration requires an RSVP. No shows (You or your guests) will be charged. Late registrations will be charged. If you are bringing a guest it is your responsibility to insure that their luncheon is paid for (either by you or by the guest).

The value of membership in BWA extends beyond lunch and a speaker. As a returning member, you recognize the value of the relationships you renew and those you create with other like-minded women who are the leaders in Broward County. You also recognize the importance of contributing to the academic development of other aspiring women through our Scholarship Program.

We value your membership and the time you take from your busy schedule to join us at our monthly meetings. We’re committed to making those meetings meaningful to you.

Remember, if you have an event to promote, please bring materials and place them on the registration table to share. Self-introductions have been trimmed down to better accommodate speakers.

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Member News

December was a terrific month for BWA.

Connie Lowenthal hosted a terrific holiday gathering at her home. Diane Hatcher spoke for all of us when she wrote, "What a great party Connie had at her house! Sorry a few of you missed it. Connie is quite the cook and hostess. Thank you SO MUCH, Connie!!"

Our regular December meeting was also a success. A plethora of auction items generated more than $811 for the treasury, all of which will go towards scholarships for deserving women enrolled in high education programs.

And speaking of school, Jorene Jameson it hitting the books once again. At the end of December, she left her position at the Broward Education Foundation (BEF) to become a full time student and graduate teaching assistant at FAU.

We are sad to report that Laura Silverman and her family are mourning the loss of her husband Jeffrey. The funeral will be at Star of David, on January 8, 2014 at noon. Shiva follows. Contributions can be made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society or Broward County Humane Society.

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